Digital Acceleration Center

Digital Acceleration Center

Complex solution in one place from TOP professional teams

Complex support for the business development in UAE and Global Markets

Market overview

More than 20,000 companies coming to Dubai every year and building digital business

90% of businesses are at risk because they don't know/understand UAE laws and US SEC regulations

Market potential 3 billion dollars

Our target, 5% of the market

How can we help these companies?



Global Digital Club
Video production
Social media
Content department
Cooperation with top 300 media


The Infinity Technologies Fund (ITF) was founded by Sheikh office Awad Bin Majrin, Farhan Qadir and Ilya Churakov. ITF’s macro strategy invested over $200M of assets.


The best events in Dubai with the top entrepreneurs and investors.

• Royal Palace
• Penthouses
• Yachts

Acceleration (education)

Training from market leaders and experts
Business training center is a short, self-explanatory lesson consisting of 15 modules with additional information, tests and a diploma of completion. Main directions of education — legal, marketing, fundraising, blockchain.
informative modules
additional tasks for in-depth study
watch any time you like

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Other Legal Services
Concept Protection

Technology, Product and Business Concepts Protection

Investments Attraction

Legal Fundraising in UAE through selling shares of Intellectual Property


Capitalization and Increasing Valuation of Business Assets

Software Protection

Computer Software, Source Code & Interface Design Protection

Virtual Assets Trading

Creation Legal Frameworks for Crypto-tokens and NFT trading in UAE

Blockchain Package

Agreements and documents for Blockchain projects SAFT, CLA, MOU, Whitepaper, Litepaper, Tocenomics

IP Business Strategy

Corporate Structuring & Strategies for UAE Market with using Innovations and Intellectual Property

Risk Assessment

Assessment of Legal Risks for Business based on regulations of UAE (Police, Prosecution, CID, ADGM, VARA, DIFC, etc), US Security and Exchange Commission and other regulators

Licensing Systems

Licensing and Franchise Agreements

Websites Accounting Reporting

Legal Package for Implementing the requirements of UAE regulations for Web-sites and Digital Assets Recording in Balance sheets

Debts Clearance

Settlements and clearance of financial debts using IP-assets instead of money (debt clearing according to received notifications letter, claims, court decisions, etc.)

Partnership in UAE

Strategic Partnership Establishing on UAE market


Removing Fake Products, Services and Virtual Assets from UAE Market

Business Reputation

Protection of Business Reputation from Defamation

IP-Rights Transfer

Preparation and registration of IP-Rights transferring agreement

Customers and Suppliers Protection

Creation legal framework for protection lists of customers and suppliers (Trade Secret Policy, etc.)

Expert Session

International IP Expert Consultation